3daysofdesign Collection

Four limited editions available for 30 days only

The Maija Collection

iconic lighting

Our philosophy is quite simple.

We love beautiful, honest pieces that are functional and elevate the everyday. We believe that every item in your home and life should earn its place in terms of utility and beauty. Furthermore, we are passionate about sustainable living and intuitive design which is the very reason we've made it our mission to seek out beautiful and unique goods crafted by hand with another persons love.  

#celebratehandmade #naturalhome 

TheWaltz Rocking Chair

We are thrilled to introduce a sustainable collection of handmade furniture for both indoor and outdoor use from Liggestolen, Denmark. View the beautiful and classic Danish designs available from today.

Liggestolen - Garden Furniture - Sustainable Design - Freyr and Fell - Natural

The Poster Club Collection

Introducing a unique curated selection of high-quality posters and art prints from THE POSTER CLUB, an esteemed Copenhagen-based store that works with both upcoming and established artists.

Curves - Leise Dich Abrahamsen    - the poster club - freyr and fell - art prints - nordic living

Beautiful and Simple

Handmade with a minimal modern feel, we are delighted to feature a unique and simple collection of pottery from Notary Ceramics.

All Notary pieces are beautifully hand thrown by Sarah Van Raden using clays that are sourced locally and made in the Pacific Northwest. 

Limited Edition Illustrations

 In her detailed work, Saar Manche captures the little things, inspired by her own life as a mother of three. Browse our collection of beautiful illustrations. 

Saar Manche - Art Prints - Illustrations - Moebe Copenhagen - Natural home - copenhagen - danish design

Intuitive and Honest Design

At Danish design studio MOEBE they like to keep things simple by focussing on the essentials with a curious mind and analogue approach. 

Moebe Copenhagen - freyr and fell - polygrif - craft