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Swedish Linens

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Our philosophy is quite simple.

We love beautiful, honest pieces that are functional and elevate the everyday. We believe that every item in your home and life should earn its place in terms of utility and beauty. Furthermore, we are passionate about sustainable living and intuitive design which is the very reason we've made it our mission to seek out authentic labels that share this ideal, and unique work from independent designers.  

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denman + gould - embroidery wall hanging - artwork - textile - freyr and fell - natural home - boat - artisan - celebrate handmade

Danish Design

Handmade by expert weavers, our beautiful and stylish collection of rattan furniture from Liggestolen, Denmark sits well both indoors and outdoors, always evocative of relaxation and warmth.

Liggestolen - Garden Furniture - Sustainable Design - Freyr and Fell - Natural

Unique Objects

Beautiful and simple collection of hand thrown pottery from Notary Ceramics. 

notary cermaics - artisan - natural home - freyr and fell

Art Prints

A unique collection of high-quality posters and art prints from THE POSTER CLUB, an esteemed Copenhagen-based store that works with both upcoming and established artists.

Curves - Leise Dich Abrahamsen    - the poster club - freyr and fell - art prints - nordic living