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Our Love For Mermaid Stories And Simple Design

Mermaid Stories is a fresh, young brand in Copenhagen which was founded in 2016 and discovered on our travels to Denmark last year. Inspired by their home town, Mermaid Stories combines a love for simplistic Scandinavian chic and modern, timeless design. We are big fans and very proud to say that we are the first UK stockist of this beautiful collection of watches that are especially soft to wear on your wrist with leather that smells wonderfully leathery. 

We asked the founder Victoria some questions about Mermaid Stories and the inspiration behind the brand and it's timeless, classic designs.  

What was the thought behind the first watch collection?

I had observed that there were many women wearing jewellery like bracelets on their arms, but once I paid closer attention, surprisingly few who wore watches on an everyday basis. So we asked a lot of them: Why not? Many said didn’t like the weight of many metal watches or the stiff leather straps of others, and the second thing we heard often was that the women couldn’t identify with any of the watch brands out on the market. We heard the words too technical, too male, too preppy, too bling bling. So we saw it as an opportunity to make very light watches in a simplistic Scandinavian design with a female touch, with a brand that focuses on the dreamy aspect of time instead of the technical one. Of course all while offering very high quality watches in a beautiful packaging. 

Mermaid Stories - Watches - Luxury Watches

What did you do about the leather?

Our first collection only consisted of six models, all of which have leather straps (in the meantime, we also have three models with mesh bands). Once I did more research, it turned out that we didn’t want to work with traditionally tanned leather. Instead we went for super soft vegetable tanned leather from Germany, which doesn’t only have an environmental advantage, but is really nice in terms of comfort from day one on as well.

We see that our customers really value this high leather quality and the feeling of having it on your wrist. Because it’s this natural, unprotected leather, it doesn’t bother you in the summer months either, when things get a bit more sweaty. And what I personally like the most; the leather just gets nicer over time, so the watches are actually even better looking after a while.

Mermaid Stories - Luxury Watches - Watches

How long did it take to develop the products?

A long time! From the first drawing to the final product, I think it was almost a year, especially since it took so long to find the perfect leather supplier and to decide on the final design, the final mermaid outline and the finishing of the packaging. At Mermaid Stories we are very perfectionistic about the packaging which we developed along with the products, since we want it all to be luxurious and beautiful and to make our customers happy, feeling special when they open their pink box from us.

Mermaid Stories - Luxury Watches - Amalie Watch - Danish Design

What is next for Mermaid Stories?

We are very happy that we have more and more customers from outside Denmark liking our products. Next to that expansion, we are working on new products and have just launched our first jewellery collection. And there are more products in the making already. So for us, watches have just been the beginning.

Mermaid Stories - Luxury Watches

Which watch model do you wear the most yourself? (Our favourite is the Amalie! )

That’s a difficult question, because it always changes! Currently I switch between the rosé gold Caroline watch and the dusty rose Mia watch because it fits perfectly for summer. Last winter, I mostly went with the midnight black Louise because it makes every outfit more elegant.

View Mermaid Stories at Freyr and Fell. 

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