Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Mega Thermal Mug 29cl - Royal Copenhagen - Blue Fluted Mega Vase - Danish Design - Royal Copenhagen - Porcelain - Hand painted - Blue Fluted Mega Vase 15cm

A very Danish twist on the classic Blue Fluted design from Royal Copenhagen, the enchanting Blue Fluted Mega is a reinterpretation of the classic pattern and has become a neo-classic, updating while still honouring the 1775 design. 

Designed by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen each piece is still hand painted and wonderfully unique.

We adore this gorgeous vase which is perfect for placing and enjoying your favourite flowers.  Very much part of the fabric of daily modern life in Denmark, the vase is ideal to place in the centre of the dining table or on a windowsill.


Product Details

Material: porcelain

Size: h 15 cm

Made by: Royal Copenhagen 

Origin: Denmark

Shipping: when not available from stock 1/2 weeks