Verso Skincare Hydrating Anti Pollution Misting Spray
Verso Skincare Hydrating Anti Pollution Misting Spray Verso Skincare Anti Pollution Mist - Verso Skincare - Natural Beauty | Scandinavian Beauty | Clean Beauty | Paraben Free - Nordic Living - Slow Living | British Vogue | Luxury Skincare - Bridal Beauty
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This hard-working product is a must for city-dwellers in need of extra protection from harmful pollutants. Forming a shield over your skin, regular use of this product will ensure your skin remains clean and free from damaging and ageing stress.  

Verso Anti Pollution is a light, airy mist that helps to prevent premature ageing of skin caused by environmental pollution. This mist stops pollutant metals and gases from penetrating the skin and gives an extra shield to keep dryness, irritation and wrinkles away. 

Cult Swedish brand Verso's product range provides the essentials for long-term skin beauty and health, considerably improving your skin's quality and texture while keeping your daily routine simple. The secret weapon beauty stylists swear by and featured in British Vogue as a brand to watch - team Freyr and Fell are disciples, and our skin has never looked so good.        


Product Details

Size: 50ml

Made by: Verso

Origin: Sweden

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