Our philosophy is quite simple. We love beautiful, honest pieces that are functional and elevate the everyday. We believe that every item in your home and life should earn its place in terms of utility and beauty. Furthermore, we are passionate about craftsmanship and simple, intuitive design which is the very reason we've made it our mission to seek out beautiful and unique goods 
crafted by hand with another persons love. 

Created by Emma and Felicity, Freyr and Fell was born out of a shared passion for living life the Nordic way. Drawing inspiration from their travels to Denmark and Norway they have come to respect and embrace this simple living ideal. They want to encourage people to adopt a more mindful approach to buying and have curated a collection of simple, beautiful and useful pieces for everyday living.   

Freyr and Fell also takes on a limited number of interior design projects every year, weaving their love of clean Nordic lines and bohemian beauty into a select number of spaces. Please get in touch if you like our style and ethos.