"There is no 'away'. Because Plastic is permanent and so indestructible. When you cast it onto the ocean, it does not go away"

Sir David Attenborough

We are extremely honoured to support two causes that we care passionatey about. 

Plastic Oceans, a global non-profit organisation that addresses the issue of plastic pollution and how it impacts our waters, sea life and humans. Founded by Jo Ruxton and Sonjia Norman in 2009. During her time making underwater wildlife films with the BBC, Jo had seen first hand the damage our modern lifestyle was doing to the ocean environment and was determined to change attitudes towards single-use plastic.

Their first project was the critically acclaimed film A Plastic Ocean  which was profoundly shocking for those of us not aware until relatively recently of the 8 to 12 million tonnes of plastic that ends up in our oceans every year and harms the whales, dolphins, turtles and seabirds.  

To support Plastic Oceans UK and encourage a more sustainable way of living we are donating 15% from the sale of every net bag at Freyr and Fell both in store and on our web shop. Very stretchy, strong and practical these authentic knitted cotton bags were originally woven for fisherman in France and are today the perfect alternative to plastic bags.  

To purchase your net bag and help reduce your plastic footprint simply click here.


With 35,000+ elephants being slaughtered annually it is predicted that the African elephant will be extinct by 2025. It is hard to imagine that elephants are being slaughtered annually simply to satisfy unfounded but deep-rooted traditions, myths and desires of some. 

A survey carried out by the International Fund for Animal Welfare revealed that 70% of the Chinese, the most prominent ivory consumers globally, did not know that ivory came from dead elephants. 

Holly Budge, founder of award-winning charity How Many Elephants is striving to make a difference through greater education and awareness and we are very honoured to introduce Holly as a guest speaker at our Autumn Preview Event on the 5th October.

To support How Many Elephants and encourage greater awareness we are donating 15% from the sale of every White Elephant Puzzle at Freyr and Fell both in store and on our web shop.