Blue Fluted Plain Thermal Mug 29cl - royal copenhagen - freyr and fell

The Blue Fluted pattern is as graceful as when it was first adopted in 1775 as the very first porcelain dinner service from Royal Copenhagen. Blue Fluted Plain is a classic, delicate and graceful pattern and one which we have obsessively been collecting since our first trip to Denmark years ago. 

Designed by Arnold Krog who was inspired by East Asia when he created this pattern that came to be enormously popular, each piece is still painted and glazed by hand and wonderfully unique.

We adore the thermal mug which is perfect for those who wish to enjoy their favourite hot beverage from a beautiful piece of craftsmanship which is very much part of the fabric of daily modern life in Denmark.


Product Details

Material: porcelain

Size: 29cl

Made by: Royal Copenhagen 

Origin: Denmark

Availability: 1 to 2 weeks