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The Kapok Mattress has been designed by Mette Munk Plum, founder of Liggestolen to fit The Danish Lounger. The mattress is made from natural materials and can be rolled up when not in use and kept safe in the accompanying bag. 

Kapokken comes from the kapok tree (Ceiba Pentandra), which grows in the tropics. The tree forms large, elongated fruits the size of an extended hand. When the fruits are ripe, they fall to the ground, and by the blow, the seed shells open, revealing the finest, fuzzy plant fibers that are kapok.

The fibers of the cape are surrounded by a wax coat which causes it to be water-repellent. The skin prevents moths, dust mites and bacteria from entering. This is a great benefit for people with allergies.

Kapok is self-cleaning as it contains a natural acid substance that keeps bacteria away.

Made from nature. Blends with nature.


Product Details 

Materials: exterior 100% cotton, interior filling kapok 

Made by: Liggestolen

Origin: handmade in Denmark

Availability: made to order from 1 to 2 weeks