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This hardy yet stylish dustpan and brush set is handmade and crafted in Sweden in the same way since production started back in the 1900s. We love the traditional style nature of the cleaning products from Swedish artisan brand Iris Hantverk, this dustpan and brush set is a beautiful addition to any kitchen and features a convenient hole for suspending from one of our coat pegs.  

The beautiful wooden pieces from Iris Hantverk are handmade by visually impaired craftsmen. Each individual bundle of bristles is bound to a hardwood handle referring to an old Swedish tradition. With tradition in mind, all products are produced of the highest quality. 

PEFC / FSC certified.  


Product Details

Material: oiltreated beech, horse hair and recycled plastic

Size: l 39, w 25, h 10 cm

Made by: Iris Hantverk

Origin: Sweden 

Shipping: available from stock